3 Tips For Taking A Motorcycle Road Trip

While taking a road trip always requires a certain amount of preparation, choosing to take your road trip on a motorcycle adds another layer of complexity to your road trip plans. 

So if you’ve decided that you want to feel the freedom of riding a motorcycle on your next road trip, here are three tips for taking a motorcycle road trip that will not only make things safer for you, but will also make your trip easier to manage. 

Make Regular Checks Of Your Motorcycle

Just like it’s a good idea to regularly check out your car when you’re on a road trip, you should also be sure to make regular checks of your motorcycle whenever you stop during a motorcycle road trip.

As you make regular pit stops to refuel or stretch your body, Michael Padway, a contributor to the Motorcycle Legal Foundation, advises that you always take time to check certain things with your motorcycle as well. These things include your oil and fuel levels, your tires, controls, lights, and your chassis. By making sure you’re checking on these parts of your motorcycle each time you stop, you’ll have a better chance of catching anything that’s amiss before it causes you major trouble that could result in your needing a tow in order to get the help necessary. 

Use Plastic Bags When Packing

Packing for a road trip also gets more complicated when you’re riding on a motorcycle.

To make packing as easy as possible, Harley-Davidson advises that you use plastic bags when packing all of your items. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure that everything you’ve packed will remain dry despite the weather you might run into. Additionally, packing in zippered plastic bags makes it easier to sort through the items you have packed without feeling like you’ve unpacked everything just to find one specific item in your backpack or saddle bags. 

Prioritize Safety Over All Else

Above all else, your safety on your motorcycle should be your number one priority as you road trip. More than getting to your location by a certain time or looking cool while you cruise down the highway, staying safe and protecting your body should be your ultimate goal.

To help you with this, Mark Lindemann, a contributor to Cycle World, shares that you should do things like slow down, refrain from taking drugs or medications, stop when you’re tired, take regular breaks, and wear all your gear at all times. 

If you’re planning to take a road trip on your motorcycle in the future, consider using the tips mentioned above to ensure that you have a safe and memorable time on your journey.