4 Activities in Jakarta to Fill Your End of Year Holiday

Where are you planning to end the year? You must often face this question when entering the month December. The end of the year is identical with holidays, whether out of town or abroad. Even though enjoying the holidays doesn’t always have to go far. You can choose Jakarta as your holiday place. Let’s look at what Jakarta has to offer.

Vacation to the Thousand Islands

If you want to go to the beach, you can skip going to East Nusa Tenggara to participate in Grand Komodo Tours. Just by going to Thousand Island, you’ve got enough holiday vibes at the beach. On Thousand Islands, you can choose which island you want as the place to stay on. The number of islands is quite a lot, so you can also, if you wish to, go island hopping. But still, you have to stay overnight on one of the islands because the “working” hours are limited per day.

Take a walking tour

Have you ever heard of walking tours? Walking enthusiasts initiated this tour to travel while walking. Then it developed into a walking tour with a professional tour guide. You can try a walking tour like this for those who like to walk or need a fun sport. Choose the route you want, for example, to the Old Town, the Chinatown area, or a museum tour. Later when the day comes, you will gather with other participants to walk and get to know the city of Jakarta more closely. Even more exciting if the route you choose has classic snacks stalls like old-school bakeries.

Culinary tour

Do you have time for a culinary tour with your friends during work? If you don’t, the best time to do this is during this holiday. You can choose what type of cuisine you want to try. Is it classic food in Jakarta like Pempek Megaria and Ragusa Ice Cream, or cute sitting in trendy restaurants and cafes like Garden Café? Everything is up to you to choose, the important thing is to prepare a large enough room in your stomach, okay?

Explore Ancol

When you don’t know where to spend the year-end holidays, Ancol is always ready for you to explore. In Ancol, many entertainment options are available, starting from the beach, Seaworld, Dufan, and others. You can choose which one is the most exciting to visit. For example, to Dufan and rest on the beach in the afternoon while watching the sunset. Or you can also continue the day with a delicious meal at Ancol pier. Lazy to go home because it’s too late? Just spend the night at Putri Duyung Cottage. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

So which activity will you choose? Whatever the activity, the important thing is that you stay entertained so your mind becomes more relaxed during this holiday season. Happy holiday!