5 Fascinating Wedding Traditions From Around the World

Weddings are one of my favourite things. Coming together to see two people I love tie the knot fills me with joy. And I know I’m not the only one who adores weddings. Even the bride and groom can finally relax after the stress of planning. 


Sure, wedding prep can be a lot of pressure and stress, but it’s all worthwhile in the end! If you are in the throes of planning, you may be looking for some pointers. With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to look at wedding traditions. 


One of the most amazing things about weddings is that they are unique around the world in their own way. So many countries and cultures do weddings differently. This provides a smorgasbord of delightful opportunity. Here are 5 fascinating wedding traditions from across the globe!


1. Shaved Groom, Greece


Greece has some excellent traditions, and this one is a fun one. On the day of the wedding, the groom’s best man and groomsmen will turn barber! They will completely clean shave his face, carefully, of course! After this, his mother will feed him honey and almonds.


I think this is a nice tradition, and it makes sure the groom looks smart. However, I would hate to be the best man and cause a few nicks or cuts. I don’t imagine the bride would be too impressed with that happening!


2. Black Dress, Spain


You can always rely on the Spanish to do things a little differently. I went to a Spanish wedding last year, and this is one of their better-known traditions. Rather than choosing the traditional white dresses, many Spanish brides opt for a black wedding dress for their big day.


I believe the idea here is to do with what the black symbolises. It’s meant to symbolise how long she will be with her husband for, etc. I like this tradition, and it represents something nice, as well as being different. I’d like to see more countries opting for this as well.


3. Money Dance, Poland/Nigeria


We’d all love to have a money dance at our wedding, right? This is the ideal way of securing a bit of extra cash from guests before you tie the knot! Money dances are traditional in Poland, Nigeria, Cuba, and many other nations, and you’ve probably seen one before, but maybe not in person. 


The idea is that the bride and groom will dance, and the guests will slip them money. There are some traditions where the bride will have money pinned to her dress as well. The money dance is common in a lot of cultures and is a wonderful way of playing an important role in a wedding.


4. Wardrobe Changes, China/India


Wardrobe changes are not uncommon at weddings, especially for the bride. However, I feel that in China and India, they certainly take it to the extreme! Take China, for instance, where the bride will traditionally undertake no less than three wardrobe changes. 


If you’re Madonna, this is the norm, right?! But, guests could be forgiven for forgetting the bride is when she emerges in a new outfit. This might be something you’re considering for your own wedding. If you are, you should speak to your wedding photographer about outfit changes!


5. Smoking Ceremony, Australia


Australia has its own weird and wonderful wedding traditions. A smoking ceremony is one of the coolest traditions I’ve seen. This is something guests can be a part of as well, and it’s definitely unique. This seems to be a tradition that originates from the aboriginals. 


The standard way a smoking ceremony works is that it involves burning different plants. These are plants that are believed to have healing powers. The smoke from these plants is then waved over the couple, which is believed to offer protection and a long life. It’s a nice cultural tradition to include. 


These are just some of the unique and wonderful wedding traditions from around the world. I think it’s great that so many countries do it differently. You might be looking to incorporate one of these into your own big day, and that’s important.


You’ll want to source the right venue before settling on your wedding tradition. If you’re also looking for affordable wedding venues in Sydney, check these out. I feel tradition in the right venue adds an extra edge to the day. So, try to do as much as possible to include a great tradition as part of your wedding day.

*Images in this post are courtesy of perfectmoment.net.au