5 Tips to Shop Smart on Singles’ Day

The November 11 Global Shopping Festival, also known as Singles’ Day, is less than three months away, and it makes sense to anticipate this day because so many e-commerce websites will be offering promotions and discounts. A lot of people are preparing like you; so, you should be prepared. Check out these tips on shopping smart for Singles day 2020.

  1. Shop for products that you use regularly

Health and beauty products like vitamins, body wash, makeup, perfumes, and moisturizer are the products you should focus on. These products finish without warning, and they mostly have long shelf-lives; so, buying them when the prices are low on Singles’ day makes a lot of sense. Just check if your current stock of those products is running low because you do not want to overstock, but they usually have an expiry date of three years, so you should be good.

  • Leverage the Free Return Policies

As much as you should avoid unnecessary purchases, you can take advantage of Singles day 2020 to buy fashion items that you are not sure if they’ll fit. This way, you can try them on and be able to return the ones that do not fit for free.

  • Compare prices before 11/11 and after

Prices are always low on 11/11, but not all products go on discounted sale. So, what you should do is make a list of the things you would like to buy before 11/11 and note their prices. Now is perfect to start doing this. So, on Singles day 2020, check the prices of those items so you can be sure you are buying them at discounted prices.

  • Shop for Christmas presents on Singles’ Day

If you can, 11/11 is a good time to shop for Christmas presents for your family and friends. There are millions of products on sale, and you can choose from them. It also takes Christmas shopping off your to-do list, and you won’t have to worry about it come December. You’ll also get to buy the products at lower prices compared to the high cost of most products once Christmas is approaching.

Wrapping up

Take full advantage of Singles’ Day 2020 to get all the things you need, and conclude all your shopping for the year once and for all.