Cell Phones Have Changed the Way We Travel

There are so many different ways that cell phones have impacted our daily lives. It’s crazy to think about, but just over a decade ago, things seemed practically archaic compared to what we have now. That is how far technology has come.

And the ways that cell phones impact our lives only continues to evolve and grow as the technology does. Banking, entertainment, and travel are just a few of the avenues that have been touched by cell phones in the last decade or so.

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It seems like everyone on the planet owns a cell phone and that is because nearly everyone on the planet actually does own a cell phone.

For travel in particular, cell phones have made the experience easier than ever before with a level of convenience that seems unfathomable to those who remember the pre-2010 era. Here are just a few ways travel has benefitted from cell phones.

In-Flight Entertainment

Prior to easily accessible Wi-Fi and cell phones, entertaining yourself on a flight meant watching the in-flight movie, reading a book or magazine, or taking a nap. Now, thanks to the progression of cell phones, it is easier than ever before to entertain yourself.

This is because major airlines have begun offering passengers free television shows, movies, music, and games through their exclusive apps for both phones and laptops. This makes it easier than ever to keep yourself entertained on those long flights, either cross-country or transatlantic.

Booking a Rental Car

Getting on your flight and getting to your destination can seem easy enough but what do you do when you have landed in your destination and need transportation to your hotel? With cell phones, booking a rental car has never been easier.

Most of these airline and travel apps will actually move you along to car rentals after the flight is booked so you can make the process seamless. And that’s not even counting the apps that all of the individual rental companies have, making it easier than ever to book a rental car.

This makes the travel process even smoother all around. You can book your flight and your car, check in at the airport, and then get your rental car all using your cell phone. If that isn’t convenience, there is nothing that will come close.