Bucketlist Cycling Tours In The World

tourists biking through rice fields
tourists biking through rice fields

Some people bike to work, others do so simply for fun. Then there are the type of cyclists who seek adventure. If you fall into the third category, then you know that two-wheeled adventures can be found across the globe. 

Each adventure is unique, ranging from leisurely rides through nature to heart-pounding thrills. Wherever you fall on that scale, these are the absolute best bucket list cycling tours the world has to offer. 

World Expeditions: China

Strolling through karst limestone landscapes written about by centuries old poets, this trip with World Expeditions also includes some of China’s most prominent sites. You’ll visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and even the Terracotta soldier of Xian. 

Part of this excursion includes hiking the Tiger Leap Gorge, which happens to be one of the largest in the world. Lijang is also a stop, which is designated as an ancient location by World Heritage. Your cycling tour ends in Xingping, another ancient town with breathtaking landscapes. 

Intrepid: The Pan Am in Central America

The Pan Am contains Central America’s most iconic destinations. Intrepid’s tour will take you along this sightseeing highway as you cycle through Nicaragua, Panama, and Costa Rica. Lake Nicaragua is one of the first locales that leads into scenic countryside before hitting Costa Rica’s tallest volcano, Irazu. 

As you continue, you’ll cycle along sugarcane plantations and switch to a raft as you head downriver toward the Caribbean Islands. Finally, Panama allows you to snorkel in crystalline waters before you cycle through the capital city. 

KE Advenure Travel: Himalaya

Located in Nepal, one of the world’s most famous mountain biking destinations, KE Adventure Travel will lead you through the mountainous Himalaya. Your journey begins in Pokhara with classic routes and scenic views of the Annapurna Massif, followed by an eastward bike along the Marshyangdi River to Gorkha. 

Next, bike up the Kathmandu Valley rim to experience an exhilarating downhill rush back through Kathmandu itself. The terrain here is diverse, the scenery gorgeous, and the locals as friendly as they come from anywhere in the world. 

Intrepid: The Baltics

Have you ever wanted to see Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania? Intrepid offers a cycling trip through all of these Baltic areas filled with fairytale-style towns of old and seemingly endless miles of untouched nature. 

You’ll travel past the spires of Tallin, enjoy the nightlife in Riga, experience the beach’s dunes in Lithuania’s Curonian Spit National park, and catch stunning views of the Baltic Sea all along the way. Plus, you get to spend a night in an Estonian countryside farmhouse. 

Traveler’s Insurance

These long journeys are the trip of a lifetime, but safety always comes first. Make sure to pick up traveler’s insurance, especially on some of the more mountainous expeditions, to cover any unfortunate accidents. 

All too many tourists end up needing hospitalization (however minor the injury may be) alongside legal representation like this bicycle accident attorney at Luis P Guerra. Without proper insurance, their dream trips quickly turn into financial nightmares. Pick up traveler’s insurance, however, and you can enjoy peace of mind no matter where your bike leads you.