Camping Equipment Suppliers: Tips for Surviving the Pandemic

If you run a camping supplies business, you will no doubt have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, as people cancel their camping holidays, due to travel restrictions and social distancing rules that must be strictly followed. While almost all sectors have been affected by Coronavirus, there are online strategies you can take to boost sales, and with that in mind, here are a few digital marketing strategies that could save your business from impending closure.

  • Focus on E-Commerce – If you are not getting the walk-in business you should, then focus your energy on digital marketing, with every product well represented on your website. Research tells us that more and more consumers are turning to e-commerce, in an effort to protect themselves against the Coronavirus, and this is the time to invest heavily in SEO services. Talk to Move Ahead Media marketing agency, who are market leaders and can help you to generate a high volume of web traffic.
  • Assessing Regional Impacts of the Pandemic – If you keep your eyes on the global situation regarding the spread of Covid-19, you will see specific regions that are not affected as much in regards to lockdowns and stay at home rules, and these are the regions to include in your digital marketing plan. Obviously, an e-commerce platform can target a global audience, and with a reliable logistics partner, all deliveries will be fulfilled.
  • Special Promotions – Now is the perfect time to offer special prices and deals, and using your digital marketing partner, you can reach your target groups with your special offer messages.
  • Buy Now-Pay Later – If you forge an alliance with a forward-thinking finance provider, you can offer an interest-free, buy now-pay later promotion, which is a great attraction, especially for the coming winter. This allows the customer to split the payments over several months, and it usually applies to credit card purchases, and there are many finance providers that offer this service.
  • Social Media Marketing – Due to the pandemic, there are many users that spend a lot of their time of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and of all the SEO services, social media marketing is probably the most effective. If you enlist the help of a leading SEO agency, they would take control of all your social media accounts, and with a structured campaign, they would generate a large following.
  • Cutting Costs – If your retail store is not generating sufficient revenue, consider reducing your opening hours, which would enable you to reduce your staff requirements. If things are dire, then closing down your retail store temporarily and concentrating on e-commerce might be the best solution. Click here for some cool camping gifts that might inspire a new product line.
  • Online Podcasts – Why not invite some celebrity campers on a podcast that can be streamed on your website, and you can ask representatives of manufacturers to talk about their products. People like to listen to reviews, and you can develop a regular podcast and stream it on your Facebook page.

The leisure industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and with UK government support, you can receive some much-needed help during this difficult crisis, while also adopting the above strategies to ensure that your business survives.