Challenges Women Face When Traveling Solo for Work

young woman traveling

Traveling alone can be both liberating and nerve-wracking regardless of who you are, however some women might find it particularly worrisome. There are increased safety concerns, as well as potential for loneliness and increased responsibilities that could be overwhelming for anyone.

1. Organizing Everything on Your Own

Maybe you’re someone that really enjoys putting together itineraries and creating schedules, even so it can become overwhelming when you’re planning an entire trip on your own. Doing all the work by yourself can take a lot of the fun out of your travels. 

When you travel for work, typically there are travel deadlines you have to meet. This can add to the stress of traveling on your own. Try to do as much prep-work as possible before you hit the road. Strong organization of your travel route and schedule can save you a lot of stress later.

2. Challenges with Safety and Security

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that bad guys will target women that are alone and vulnerable. Being in a new place that you’re unfamiliar with can put you in that exact situation. If you must travel alone for work there are things you can do to stay safer.

Some travel experts recommend that women always wear a wedding ring, even if they’re not married. This could deter someone from harassing you, simply because they believe you’re married. Always have your cell phone fully charged and never pull over unless it’s in a safe location.

3. Loneliness

If you have to travel for work, there is a huge chance you will get homesick and lonely. Being away from your loved ones or pets can be extremely challenging, especially if you’re traveling without a companion. 

With technology, it’s so much easier to stay in contact with your friends and family. Calling, texting, and Face Timing can all be done on your mobile phone or PC, just be sure to do so in a safe location and not while you’re driving to avoid an accident. 

4. It’s More Difficult to Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

You’ve heard the saying, four eyes are better than two. Well, this doesn’t refer to wearing glasses. When you have a traveling partner, you can look out for each other and catch things the other person might miss.

So, when you’re traveling by yourself make sure that you still pay close attention to your surroundings. Simple things like, watching your drink when you’re in a restaurant, try to avoid dimly lit areas, and consider carrying a safety whistle or pepper spray.

5. Traveling Alone Could Lead to Potential Harassment 

It’s no secret that women are often the target of workplace harassment. You could find yourself alone and in a bad situation where you face unwelcome advances or even threats to your job when working with the wrong person.

If you believe you’ve experienced any sort of intimidation, consult a sexual harassment attorney to learn your rights. Just because you are traveling alone for work, it doesn’t mean you have to feel alone if you’ve been harassed by a coworker or superior.