Chris D. Bentley, The Go-To Mentor For The Newest & Hottest Realtors

As a new real estate agent, you have just launched your career. You are doing everything right, including networking, marketing, prospecting, etc. That’s right. But do you have a real estate mentor? If not, consider finding one. 

A real estate mentor can assist you in taking your business to the next level in your career. 

Meet Your Mentor

Chris D. Bentley is a real estate expert and mentor who can ease your house search within the Dallas area. He is the founder and owner of Bentley Fine Properties. With close to two decades of experience, Chris has made significant gains and steps in real estate. 

But why should Chris be your #1 go-to mentor?

He has been voted four times as D Magazine’s Best Realtor. Additionally, he is a 7X multi-million dollar producer and 4X published author. Chris was #13 of the top 20 Dallas Realtors on Social media in 2018 and 2019. As a certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, he has vast experience with the Dallas local market. He will mentor you by providing you with expertise in the Real Estate market. 

Why Professionalism Matters

According to Chris, professionalism is vital in mentorship. A mentor who champions professionalism can have a tremendous effect on the mentee. Professional mentoring will send the correct message to those you are training. It also makes the mentees take the wheels of their careers goals. 

Chris understands that the selling or buying process can be confusing, time-consuming, stressful, and emotional. Therefore working under someone who has gone through the process several times is a logical choice. 

Work With A Forward Thinking Team

Chris advises new real estate agents to work with forward-thinking teams. Through his mentorship, teamwork is the central pillar if you want to succeed faster. Proper teamwork will improve communication, enhance knowledge, and increase courage and skills. 

Working with a team will increase your innovation potential, enhance personal growth, boost productivity, and build happier team members. 

According to statistics, 75% of employers have rated teamwork as “essential.”


Chris brings the aspect of networking to new real estate agents. He makes them know that without networking, then your sustainability in the industry is in doubt. 

Networking will help you gain more contacts as well as deals. These deals will have a probability of reaching the closing table. Additionally, networking will strengthen your business connections. It will help you raise your profile as well as gain more knowledge. Also, it will help you build more confidence as an agent. 

Chris presents social media as one of the best tools for networking. Through social media, you will be able to connect to other professions, leads, or clients. By posting relevant content that provides value, you will build your credibility, and your network will share your content with their networks. 

Wrap Up

Therefore, if you are looking for a mentor who will take you through the path of professionalism, teamwork, and networking, then look no more. 

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