Going to School While Traveling

Traveling the world is a dream that most if not all people have had at some point in their lives. Sadly, a lot of people are turned away from the experience by the sacrifices it requires. Being able to travel requires a lot of commitment. As such, many people are only able to do it after retirement, and some in the limbo between high school and college. Only a select few are able to travel the world their whole lives, off of their own hard work. Here are some different ways that you can travel the world, while maintaining a fairly normal lifestyle!

Online School

Roundabout the time that most people are dreaming about traveling the world full-time, and experiencing all of the different things the earth has to offer, is also the time that it’s more important than ever to go to school and get a good education, to have a successful career. Thankfully, technology has allowed us to get an education in a variety of ways, the most accessible being online universities. Being able to travel the world, and take classes on your own time is a dream come true for many people. Taking a physics exam on the beach one day, and a history exam deep in the andes may not sound like fun for a some people, but it’s an amazing opportunity for others.


Traveling does come with it’s costs however, and it’s often another big reason many people never pursue their dreams of traveling the world. Setting aside living and travel costs, school itself is also expensive. Being able to sustain traveling and schooling at the same time means that you’ll need to work. However, just as many schools have gone online, there’s also a lot of opportunity for online work!