How Big Data and AI are Shaping the Future of Real Estate Investment

In unstable economic conditions, many small and medium-sized investors are thinking of alternative solutions to earn income and reduce costs. HOUSIFY uses data and AI to empower property investors to source seamlessly and invest confidently.

One way to determine an item’s “fair” value is to compare prices in several stores or other sales channels. But suppose such a commodity is an apartment. In that case, everything is a bit more complicated: its price is influenced by dozens of factors, and its value may fluctuate depending on the season. And then, you need other tools to determine the price, such as artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is doing a great job with apartments for sale in Dubai – and with both the search for buyers and housing selection. According to the profile of the client, who is looking for a property for investment, artificial intelligence makes a selection of objects.

When evaluating real estate in Dubai, many nuances are taken into account. The exact name of all that affects the price of a particular object can only be a realtor who has worked for decades with one kind of real estate in a specific area of Dubai. But the possibility of an expert is therefore limited: he is a pro in a narrow niche and a particular location. Statistics show that the movement of the liquidity level of the real estate market can be depicted as a graph in the form of a descending straight line.

How it works 

The property’s price depends on many factors: house type, developer, location, condition, floor, floor plan, and many other “variables. BizzCorp Communities’ listings are based on about 40 variables.

First, the system collects real estate objects into a database and sorts them according to these or those factors. And then it looks at what things are bought and what prices are not. The logic is simple – if an object is accepted, its price is close to a “fair” price. Then, the AI begins to accumulate this data and train the system. And the next time we have an object similar to one of those previously sold, the system already understands at what price it will be bought.

Who will make money in the new market

Firstly, it will be the big investors with impressive capital. It is trivial, but it is a fact: you need large investments for a significant income from real estate. Properties for sale in Dubai are an expensive investment

Secondly, those who will quickly and correctly determine the locations where people will move to. Where there is human flow, there is money flow. In real estate investments, the winners are those who correctly predict people’s movement and the growth of demand for real estate in certain areas. This is what artificial intelligence is for, considering as many factors as possible.

Third, those who make a more accurate market analysis and buy out profitable options more quickly will get rich in real estate. Whoever is the first to find a good deal, has time to take advantage of this offer, and repeats the cycle many times will be able to snatch a good deal. The speed of artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics will help.

A significant advantage of such analytics is that the conclusions made by artificial intelligence and skillfully formed statistical data better reflect the needs of investors and provide better forecasts. Automating and optimizing all processes will help you invest successfully in Dubai’s real estate.