How Ideazon Can Help You Crowdfund Your Idea From Anywhere

Are you thinking of going into crowdfunding for raising funds? Have you done a crowdfunding campaign and failed? Have you done a successful campaign before but you will like to do one now or later on that would not be stressful? Or do you know someone who falls into any of these categories?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then be rest assured that Ideazon was created just for you! Ideazon is that agency that can make all your crowdfunding troubles go away.

Matt Green, a highly successful digital marketer and founder of Ideazon, has seen firsthand how entrepreneurs and startups can use crowdfunding to launch products.

Green was motivated by his experience to found Ideazon, a digital marketing firm that specializes in crowdfunding and assisting young companies in raising funds. During his time in what became known as Silicon Beach, the tech entrepreneurship scene in Santa Monica, California, Green realized he wanted to help entrepreneurs thrive.

In 2012, he began using Kickstarter and Indiegogo to assist his clients and colleagues in obtaining financing and recognition for their startups. This led to the birth of Ideazon. Ideazon now comprises of a team of experts who have helped businesses get funding through crowdfunding. 

You might be wondering how Ideazon can help you crowdfund from anywhere.  Here are the reasons why choosing Ideazon will be the best option.

  • IndieGogo and Kickstarter are two of the many platforms available to host your crowdfunding campaign. They all have the same basic structure, though.

    Your idea is given a set amount of time to achieve a financial goal that you specify. You only get the money if you meet or exceed it! If you don’t, you won’t be able to keep anything you’ve earned.

    Achieving your financial target is important. However, as more proposals compete for a small supply of investor dollars, this is getting more difficult.

    Since 2012, Ideazon has specialized in assisting companies in achieving their crowdfunding targets. They do creative analysis and develop a campaign approach that is tailored to the target demographic with your concept, ensuring that the message is heard.

    They will also assist you in filming a video and launching a viral social media awareness strategy to ensure that the concept is seen.

  • Ideazon has had a lot of success. Ideazon’s first successes were in the video gaming industry, where it assisted in the launch of specialized gaming keyboards for games like EverQuest II.

    They have since diversified, partnering for a wide range of clients in several sectors. Ideazon has the experience to push your project to the next stage, whether you need $5,000 or $1 million.

    You can be rest assured that your campaign is in excellent hands regardless of how much you intend to raise.

  • Unlike other marketing services, Ideazon’s validated crowdfund marketing process is uniquely geared to launching your product or startup. Also, Ideazon gives you the opportunity to have access to mentors, advisors, and crowdfunding professionals who specialize in assisting early-stage entrepreneurs and venture founders that need additional communication expertise.

  • If you’d like to know more about what Ideazon offers, go to to schedule a private phone consultation. You can also keep up with the new developments in the exciting crowdfunding industry by following the agency on Facebook and Twitter.