How to Lose Weight for Your Next Vacation

The most important souvenir you’ll bring home from any vacation is the pictures you take throughout your travels. If you have a trip coming up, you likely want to look great in those pictures—not to mention feel comfortable in your own skin while traveling as well.

Most people are understandably looking to lose some weight before a big trip. Chances are you won’t have enough time to make any drastic changes, but you can slim down and lose a few pounds which may be just enough to help you feel a little more attractive in your swimsuit. Check out the following hacks on how to lose weight for a vacation to help get you started!

1. Clean Up Your Diet

If you want to lose weight fast, it won’t happen if you are regularly eating candy bars or cheeseburgers. Your best bet for looking trim in your two-piece is to cut the crap from your diet—like, all of it—starting now. Avoid processed and packaged foods, sugary foods, and fatty, processed meats. You may consider cutting out dairy as well. Focus on eating whole and real foods such as fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, beans and legumes, whole grains, and lean protein.

2. Plan Protein-Packed Meals

Protein is the building block of life—it builds up your muscles and fills you up longer. Plan a lean protein with every meal—plain Greek yogurt with fruit or eggs for breakfast, chicken salad with low-calorie dressing for lunch, and lettuce-wrapped turkey burgers for dinner. Plan your meals ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling for something to eat on an empty stomach. Plan your snacks too, and limit them to low-calorie or protein-packed options, such as carrot sticks and hummus.

3. Feel the Burn

Diet is king when it comes to weight loss, but exercise is important too. If you are wondering how to lose weight for a vacation, choose workouts that maximize the calorie burn and keep it going all day long. High intensity interval training (HIIT)—which is short bursts of cardio exercises that shoot up your heart rate, followed by rest periods—improves your overall health and metabolism. Strength training will keep your body burning calories all day long with the added benefit of toning your muscles, and just in time to look great in a tank top on your trip.

4. Try Diet Supplements

Sometimes our bodies need more than just diet and exercise to release excess weight, especially if you need to do it fast and need some help regulating your metabolism and suppressing appetite. Diet supplements can be a safe and effective way to shed a few extra pounds before your trip. Make sure to do your research and read reviews of products before trying them out.

Getting into shape and looking great for your upcoming trip can be as simple as altering your diet, maximizing your workouts, and giving yourself a boost with diet supplements. Focus on these goals now, and you’re sure to look great in those photos—and may just develop a few lifelong healthy habits along the way.