How Top Agents in Real Estate are Leveraging Social Media to Sell Homes

Is it still worthwhile to invest in social media? Top real estate brokers around the globe agree that the answer is a resounding yes in the ultra-luxury housing market. Social media, which has an estimated 3.96 billion users worldwide (and is still increasing), has altered how we communicate with one another. It is particularly true in a sector like real estate, where effective communication is crucial to competitiveness. Here, numerous brokers and agents discuss the importance of social media platforms in luxurious real estate marketing.

Social media is a powerful instrument that is surprisingly underutilized in the real estate industry. It’s the quickest technique to draw customers to you so that they come to you rather than you trying to sway them your way. Here are a few of the most important social media tactics that Chris D. Bentley, a renowned Dallas-based real estate broker, has used over the years that all real estate agents can and ought to incorporate into their digital marketing plans.

Developing Personal Brand Online.

While most real estate professionals concur that social media may be an effective sales tool, Jessica Gooch, a San Diego-based agent, identified it as an excellent approach to developing an agent’s brand.

Social media may go beyond print media since it enables you to demonstrate your personality, likes, and dislikes together with your services on a more intimate level. It makes it possible to connect in a way that might be impossible with other forms of advertising. Through social media, you may demonstrate your skills so that everyone who follows you will feel empowered by the knowledge they acquire, unlike a billboard advertisement, which only displays your name and a photo of you with a drawn-on mustache.

Use Video to Forge Connections with Others.

One thing both home sellers and buyers look for in an agent is someone they can rely on. They must have faith in your integrity and your commitment to serving them. However, they must also have confidence in your competence. Making videos will give your fans the impression of knowing you better. They are more likely to trust you if they know you well, based on the number of times you have posted your video.

Use Content to Draw Attention and Provide Value.

Everything you share on social media has two goals. The first is to draw attention to yourself. You provide fascinating information to pique their curiosity and make them want to learn more. They start sharing your content with friends and acquaintances because they see more of what you post.

Adding value is the second goal of anything you post. Too frequently, we see people sharing pictures or videos that don’t reveal anything about the poster and offer nothing to social media users. You must provide value in your posts to attract followers and devoted fans. Agents frequently provide listings or quotations that don’t indeed encourage followers to get in touch. Instead, consider what you might be interested in learning more about if you weren’t in the sector. What do you want to watch? Send more of that out.

Build A Community.

As a real estate broker, you should focus more on gaining clients and increasing your sales than becoming a mere influencer. It would be best if you formed a community to accomplish this. The most popular users on social media regularly work together and share one another’s content. They share information on their pages by participating in each other’s vacations and podcasts. The secret to establishing a community is to amass a sizable and devoted following. Find and create opportunities to connect online and share about real estate.

Your fans and followers will want to spread the word about your company as you add value to their lives. They’ll ask their friends to follow you and check out the information you post, marking the start of a community built around your online character and content.

In conclusion, Social Media is amazingly growing to be the most utilized tool in marketing, particularly in real estate. The most appropriate strategies to give an excellent result in the field are; the development of a personal brand online, the use of videos to forge connections, content that draws attention while adding value, and the creation of a community.