Lifestyle Goals: Why Entrepreneur Sawyer Winston is Inspired By Travel

Lifestyle Goals: Why Entrepreneur Sawyer Winston is Inspired By Travel
Lifestyle Goals: Why Entrepreneur Sawyer Winston is Inspired By Travel

All entrepreneurs dream of success. They put so much effort, commitment, time and zeal into their craft so as to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Upon achieving these goals, they aim to do some things which include, taking out time to enjoy life. Amongst others, one of those things they would typically want to indulge in is travel.

Although many entrepreneurs think that travel, for leisure and other purposes, should be a reward for their hard work at achieving their goals, it is not always the case. Many do not think of the fact that traveling might actually be a tool to achieving those goals in the first place.

A lot of successful entrepreneurs know this. Thus, they have made it their lifestyle goals to embark on travel as something somewhat necessary to do quite regularly. One of such is Sawyer Winston.

Sawyer Winston is a successful serial entrepreneur from San Diego, California. He’s big on venture capital, real estate, entrepreneurship development and social good in the San Diego space.

He believes that travel might be one of those things that unlocks business success for most entrepreneurs and shares some reasons why.

Why You Must Travel as an Entrepreneur

Sawyer Winston believes you must travel as an entrepreneur. Maybe you don’t believe him yet, but here are some very convincing reasons to do so:

  1. Learning Experience

The world of possibilities that exists beyond our immediate environment is endless. There are so many people to meet, new ways of life to experience, and many new skills to learn.

Do you know what? Maybe there are even business ideas to encounter on your travel. There are services that exist in some places that have not made their way to where you are based. You can quickly introduce those services before anybody does and get the crucial first-mover advantage.

2. Ease Exhaustion

The world of entrepreneurship is tough and tasking and even though you are charged to be brave and resilient, it can become quite overwhelming at times. In order to prevent emotional, mental and physical exhaustion, it is important that for you to take some time to “cool off.” There’s no better way to do this than travel.

3. Why you should consider San Diego as a destination?

Sawyer Winston firmly believes that if you are thinking of embarking on travel as an entrepreneur, one city you must not but visit is San Diego.

Why San Diego and why is Sawyer Winston betting on the city?

4. Amazing Business Destination

We do know San Francisco (especially Silicon Valley) to be the hot business hub in California and the USA, particularly when speaking of tech businesses. But the Valley is fading and do you know where the activity is right now? It is San Diego.

Sawyer Winston believes that in a very short while, people will start to see San Diego for the amazing business hub it is gradually becoming. As an entrepreneur travelling, you would want to learn a lot on your travel about how to better run and operate and position your business for success.

There is no better place to learn all of that than in this city where the next big things in business are taking place. Media firms like Forbes have written pieces about this, so it’s something to look at.

5. Superb Experience

You are not only on this trip for “serious stuff”, so it’s important you take some time for some enjoyment. And San Diego has a lot of that. There are great hotels, and you can go for Airbnb. The transport is great, and there are endless outdoor activities to engage in. Then there is the food which is quite unrivalled.

Interestingly, all of these services are much cheaper than in San Francisco or Los Angeles, even with the same or in fact, superior quality.


Entrepreneurs such as Sawyer Winston believe that travel is quite required for maximum business success. Nevertheless, if you are planning where to travel to, there is no better place than San Diego. Many credible sources also agree to that.

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