Marketing Expert Douglas James Shares His Top 3 Destinations Every Entrepreneur Should Visit

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Entrepreneurs are dynamic and unique people who are leaders in their field. They tend to think outside the box and need new sources of inspiration and stimulation to stay creative and engaged. Entrepreneurs are also people who tend to like to travel and experience new destinations, because of this love of new experiences and inspiration. Douglas James is a marketing expert and digital entrepreneur who has helped more than 1,500 other entrepreneurs maximize their earning potential with his courses and guidance. James believes in the importance of visiting destinations which inspire entrepreneurs to be leaders in their field. Today, he’s sharing his top three destinations every entrepreneur should visit.

  • San Francisco, California

Visiting this hub for technological advancement and innovation is a must-do for every entrepreneur, according to James. It can be an incredible source of inspiration and help fuel your entrepreneurial dreams. Endless startups find their beginning in the San Francisco bay area, and there’s incredible tours you can go on to inspire your work. It’s possible to visit the Googleplex, the Intel Museum, Stanford University, and parts of the Apple Campus. You can contact tour companies or reach out to campuses individually to inquire about tours. Not only can you visit these entrepreneurial hubs, but the hilly streets are rich with history, the Golden Gate bridge is massive, and the Bay Area is full of things to explore. 

  • Austin, Texas

A great way to fuel your dreams as an entrepreneur is to visit places that are up-and-coming and dynamic. Austin, Texas has been a hub for alternative culture for years, and it is home to an impressive do-it-yourself scene, which is the spirit of entrepreneurship. You can visit unique restaurants, one-of-a-kind music venues, and see how a city has evolved and changed over recent years. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to understand how being alternative and trailblazing can make you stand out, and many things about Austin will offer you inspiration and motivation.

  • New York City

New York City’s tech and entrepreneurial scenes are ever-changing, and the city has been a hub for innovation since its inception. While you’re in New York City, there are plenty of networking events you can take part in, and business meetup groups you can visit to meet like-minded entrepreneurs. Meeting innovative entrepreneurs can help you stay ahead of the curve in your own field, and it’s important to have your thumb on the pulse of the entrepreneurial world. The streets themselves are inspiring, and the city has an infectious energy which can help inspire any entrepreneur. 

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