New York’s Cultural Kaleidoscope: Must-See Exhibition Series”

By David King

As the pulsating heart of the United States, New York City offers a constantly evolving kaleidoscope of cultural experiences. If you’re planning a visit in March 2024, ensure that your itinerary includes a must-see hotspot—the eagerly anticipated third edition of “The Extraordinaries.” Presented by the Espejo Organization for the Arts (EOarts), this groundbreaking exhibition series celebrates the profound influence of immigrant artists on the American creative landscape.

Nestled in the eclectic neighborhood of East Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, this event series, which debuted in March 2023, transcends the conventional art experience, providing visitors with a comprehensive view of the global creative community within the United States. From visual arts and design to illustration, film, and more, the show reflects the lasting impact of immigrant artists on American culture.

Previous editions have featured works from recognized artists, including Indian multidisciplinary artist Kuldeep Singh, Ukrainian surface visual artist Maksym Kazarin, and Spanish talents Aida Miro, Amaia Marzabal, and Patricia Bolaños. The exhibition series has also showcased the work of body-positive mixed media artist Hildos from Lebanon, Brazilian visual artist Niege Borges, and Japanese Sunae Artist Naoshi.

In the realm of photography, “The Extraordinaries” has showcased prominent photographers from around the globe. Colombian still photographers Beatrice Aguirre and Julian Montenegro, along with Swedish fashion photographer Izabella Demavlys and portrait photographer Anya Broido, have graced these shows. Renowned image-makers such as Canadian Erica Reade and Mexican Gaspar Marquez, both established figures in the New York arts community, curated the last edition, earning significant press attention.

When it comes to fashion, “The Extraordinaries” has spotlighted garments from captivating designers, including Yuecen Ricky Cai, creator of the trending label YUECEN, and Creative Director Churou Wang, known for her work with Ippodo Gallery. The intricate designs of Chinese Xuan Fu, currently working for Alexander Wang, and the cutting-edge multilayered pieces of Japanese Saori Mitome have also adorned previous editions.

Continuing in the line of design, this exhibition series has featured striking works from respected figures like Czech 3D designers Johana and Maxim Kroft, award-winning furniture designer Joseph Chun, and the artistic creations of New Zealander 3D Artist Jenny Jiang. Chinese architectural designer Kun Li, English Motion graphics designer Crissy Bogusz, and Spanish Architectural Designer Ana Avanzini, have also participated in previous editions. Chilean art director Nico Mardones, who has presented several of his projects in past editions, was also involved in creating the exhibition series brand.

“The Extraordinaries” has embraced diverse art disciplines, including live performances from acclaimed Spanish actor and producer Edu Diaz and actress Cynthia Hu. The series has also been a platform for other creative initiatives, such as the Zodiac project by Brazilian content editor and astrologer Larissa Xavier and the cultural token of Defy Funding, created by Spanish producer Lander Camarero and Cuban artist Walter Rodriguez.

Whatever brings you to New York next March 2024, make your way to Brooklyn and experience the next edition of “The Extraordinaries.” This event promises to be a blast as it coincides with the 10th-anniversary celebration of the Espejo Organization for the Arts, the driving force behind this exceptional project. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary celebration!