One of the Best Study Abroad Programs in Italy: Santa Reparata International School of Art

Study abroad programs in Italy are very popular and it’s not hard to see why. From the world-class institutions to access to some of the world’s most famous works of art and excellent food, Italy is a magical place to learn about yourself as a student and integrate yourself into a new culture. Choosing from the different study abroad programs, Italy hosts many different types of programs so choosing the best one can make a big difference in how you will spend your time abroad. 

It’s important to find a school that will provide you the support you need to integrate into the local community, and which offers classes that will interest you or support you in your career. Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) is one of the best places for students looking to spend anywhere from a few weeks to an entire year in a Florence study abroad program.  

SRISA offers a great variety of different courses that suit any student looking for study abroad programs. Florence is known for its Renaissance art and architecture, however, there is plenty to explore for students from every background. 

Who is SRISA? 

Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) is a renowned art school offering students the opportunity to learn new skills and improve on old ones all while enjoying the magic that is Florence. The school is located in one of the most inspiring places in the world, the city of Florence has been home to so many important artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli to name just a few.

Can SRISA help me learn Italian? 

SRISA’s Italy study abroad programs offer English-speaking students the unique experience of learning a new language. All of our courses at SRISA are taught in English, except for Italian. These classes offer new residents of Florence the chance to integrate into the local community and begin to understand the Italian culture on a deeper level.  

What courses does SRISA offer? 

SRISA offers students different course pathways: Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and Design. Students can then choose from a number of different classes, including but not limited to Painting and Drawing, Printmaking and Book Arts, Analog and Digital Photography, Sculpture, Communication Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Textile and Jewelry Design, Art History, History, Italian Language and Culture, Literature, Business and Marketing, and much more.

SRISA has so much to offer its students who are looking for the best study abroad programs in Italy. This is just a taste of all the different programs and opportunities we have to offer. Visit our website today to learn more about the different programs SRISA has to offer: