Pop Culture and the Ukulele: More Popular Than A Guitar?

What’s smaller than a guitar, has four strings, and reminds you of a Hawaiian paradise? The Ukulele is becoming more and more popular for music lovers across the world hoping to connect with music and share with others. The dainty instrument has been immersed in pop culture and has become a significant practice in many people’s lives. For those who wish to reduce stress, boost energy and explore their own creativity, the ukulele offers a rewarding way to do so. With a variety of lessons and musical scores accessible online, musicians can explore the artistry of the instrument and recreate their favorite songs using simple chords. The accessibility of the ukulele has compelled many people to learn how to play, and in the past ten years, it has been sold even more than the guitar.

The ukulele has become more than an object. It is now a source of self-expression, social connection and a way to manage anxiety as well. For this reason, musical innovators have created a way to bring the instrument with you wherever you go. Now, it is possible to bring your ukulele along with your passport across the globe.

Developed by Novako Music, https://kickstarter.novakomusic.com/, the Ava Ukulele was created to deliver a durable, compact and portable instrument that does not compromise on sound. Ava is derived from “avian”, meaning bird, and is always flying to different places!

Musicians can plug earphones into Ava and jam out in Silent Mode, while barely audible to others. This is a great option for those who experience flight anxiety or for anyone who simply wants to indulge in music on the go. This perfect travel companion includes a retractable forearm rest for easy storage as well as the capacity to amplify music through a speaker.

Founder, Candace Chen discovered the untapped potential of the instrument and wanted to create a greater space for universality. She states, “Ultimately I created Ava to bring into this world something that brings joy and facilitates social interactions in this isolating digital age.  My love for startups and creating products; for music, tech, and travel; for teaching and sharing music; for the screen less social experience of jam sessions; guided my life compass to the creation of Ava. I want Ava to inspire people to get out there, travel, and share music with others.”

As a universal language, music allows us to cross barriers and to connect in ways we would not otherwise be able to. Similarly, the Ava will allow musicians to adapt to their cultural environments and to share their sound across borders.

This innovation will inspire developments in the music industry and create an even greater level of connectivity in the future. From travel-sized statures to built-in speakers and novel designs, there are no limits to what we can achieve!

For future entrepreneurs of the global music business, there is an effective platform to reach vast audiences. In the past few years, crowdfunding has given entrepreneurial individuals the chance to garner support for their personal ventures across a wide network. Resources like Kickstarter have helped to fund over 145,000 projects, including the Ava Ukulele. Within two clicks, crowdfunding platforms welcome entrepreneurs in open spaces or in niche markets to gain support from diverse individuals.

We can all learn from Ava’s success story. Gaining global support, we may soar to new heights and sing a different tune.