Rory Brown, Lifestyle Writer, Outlines Seven Rules for Packing Clothing When Traveling

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Packing wisely is every travel veteran’s secret to having a fantastic trip. The most crucial part of packing well is the clothes you bring. Your clothing will likely take up most of the space in your bags, so getting decisions on what clothes to pack right is crucial. Check out these seven rules from Rory Brown, Charleston Lifestyle Blogger, for clothing packing when traveling.

1. Pack light. You hardly ever hear a traveler say they wish they had brought heavier luggage. Large, bulky bags are inconvenient at best, and trip-ruining nightmares at worst. Make sure all your clothing is lightweight. Skip the heavy jacket and winter hat unless traveling to a very cold destination. Minimize space used by rolling or folding clothes as tightly as possible.

2. Stick with the basics. Don’t overlook the essential clothing items. Whatever other clothes you may choose to pack, you will certainly need to pack shoes, underwear, socks, pants, and shirts. On the flip side, skip out on items you can go without, even if they are a regular part of your wardrobe at home. 

3. Bring only a few of each clothing item. Since you want to pack light, you can’t bring along too much. Get used to the idea of wearing the same few outfits again and again. Two, or at most three pairs of pants and three to five shirts or blouses, are enough. For underwear and socks, five pairs will do. These rules apply even for trips that extend for weeks or months. Plan on washing your clothes on the road; this approach is much easier than hauling around too much clothing.

4. Bring layers. The weather is unpredictable, just about everywhere in the world. Unless you are traveling in the middle of summer or to a tropical destination, you should be prepared to face chilly temperatures. Since space is limited, you want to leave heavy winter gear at home if at all possible. Instead, bring layers and put on more clothing when temperatures drop.

5. Choose the right shoes. Which shoes you bring will probably be your most impactful packing choice, as most trips involve lots of standing and walking. There is no need to waste space by bringing along more than one pair of shoes. Make your single pair of comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be happier if you opt for comfort over fashion. Just be sure not to wear shoes you just bought — they might prove to cause discomfort.

6. Wear your bulkiest clothes on the plane. Airlines strictly limit how much you can bring on your travels by placing restrictions on carry-ons and checked bags. A smart way to partially work around this is to bring your bulkiest items on your person. For example, wear your jacket (if you must bring it) and thickest pants during your flight.

7. Consider a money belt. A money belt is an item of clothing you would never wear at home, but it can make sense when traveling. A money belt is a belt worn under your clothes in which you store valuables such as your passport and credit cards (daily spending money can be left in your pockets). While wearing a money belt can feel like a needless precaution, many popular travel spots (especially overseas) are rife with petty crime. A money belt offers peace of mind and the assurance a pickpocket won’t completely ruin your trip.

Planning out what clothing to bring isn’t the most exciting part of trip planning. The restrictions naturally placed on your wardrobe by travel is certainly annoying as well. Nonetheless, getting this part of your travel preparations right is critical to having a great travel experience.

Author Bio

Rory Brown began living abroad after living in the US for 40 years and realizing he wanted to focus on his quality of life.  After adjusting his priorities Rory has lived in Italy, Australia, South Carolina and Hawaii. Rory has earned a name for himself in the farm-to-table community due to his love for healthy food and holds local traditions, trying to stay away from unhealthy foods.

Rory has recently put an emphasis on lifestyle choices that put health first after beginning his career in the tech world.  His witty writings documenting his well-rounded lifestyle have recently begun to be more focused on getting the most out of life during his time on this earth.