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The Best Vapes To Use When Traveling

vapes to bring while traveling

The vaping industry has risen to great heights in recent years, offering people standard devices best suited for vaping. There are different types of vapes out there on the market that can be purchased by vaping enthusiasts. You can also visit online sites for your vaping requirements as the collection is vast, with some of the best vapes. There are four different types of vapes available. Below are all the four types of vapes in detail, starting from the oldest to the newest ones.


Cig-A-Like is the first generation device used for vaping. The name of this device is Cig-A-Like because it looks very similar to that of a cigarette. They are slim vaping devices that look very similar to cigarettes making it very easy for people to move from smoking to vaping. Cig-A-Like consists of four main parts which are battery, cartomizer, draw-activated, and LED light. When Cig-A-Like was first introduced in the market, cartomizer was a considerable innovation, and it is the one unique thing that makes this vaping device so popular. 

Before the cartomizer, vaping devices used three significant pieces: atomizer, cartridge, and battery. But after the innovation, these devices use only two important parts known as the cartomizer and the battery.

Vape Pens:

Vape Pens or portable vaporizers are the successors of Cig-A-Like and are called the second generation vaping device. The shape of a vape pen is cylindrical, and the size is more significant when compared to Cig-A-Like. This is because Vape pens have more battery and can create more cloud than their previous generation. Vape pens are regarded as superior quality vaping devices as they come with a larger battery allowing users to create better clouds while vaping. 

Vape Pens have transformed a lot from the time it has been introduced to the vaping industry. There are four different types of vape pens: fixed voltage, sub-ohm tanks, variable voltage, and variable temperature.

Fixed voltage vape pens have a fixed voltage supply which cannot be manipulated. The fixed-voltage vape pens were the first to be introduced and gained a massive acclamation among vaping enthusiasts to use innovative types like Breazy vapes.

Tube Mods vape pens are the most common vaping devices which come with variable voltage and temperature. This means that users can manipulate the supply of voltage and temperature to get a good vape quality every time they take a sip.

The Variable voltage was a great innovation in vape pens. With variable voltage, you can change the intensity of the flavor coming out in each vape to better the experience of vaping.

The variable temperature vape pens were the latest innovation made in the vape pens. These vape pens can change the temperature as prescribed by the user to get the best quality vaping experience whenever required.

Vape Mods:

Vape Mods are one of the latest innovations in the vaping industry, offering users the independence to personalize their vaping experience to a greater extent. There are two types of vape mods known as the regulated mods and non-regulated mods.  

Regulated Mods have better safety features as they come with short circuit protection. These vaping devices also come with an overcharge discharge feature, which is very useful for maintaining safety while using these devices.

The unregulated mods are just the opposite of the regulated mods as they have no safety features in them. They too, can offer a good experience while vaping, but regulated mods are safer.

Pod Mods:

Pod Mods are the latest innovative vaping devices among all mentioned above. It is regarded as the fourth generation of vaping devices packed with several safety and essential features. These devices are of low watt and look very similar to Cig-A-Like vaping devices. There are two types of pod mods known as closed pod systems and open pod systems. Closed pod mods can be used once, whereas the open pod mods can be refilled several times for usage.