The Travel Backpack and Other Accessories You Need this Holiday Season

Packing Luggage

With the holiday season in full swing, you’re likely doing a little bit of traveling. Whether you’re headed home by car, train, bus or plane, there is an easier way to travel this holiday season. In a world full of new nifty innovations, there are a handful of innovative travel accessories you need to get your hands on this year.

The Travel Backpack

Unlike a regular backpack, a travel backpack is made for traveling. This means it comes with handy features you can use to pack smaller, travel lighter, and keep your belongings safer. The best of the best include features like laptop pockets that allow for easy TSA access, several pockets, and RFID safe pockets. A travel backpack makes even hectic travel seem practically effortless.

Loads of Laundry

When you travel, you get clothes dirty. If you’re somewhere without a washer and dryer, you may not want to contaminate the clean clothes left in your suitcase with the dirty ones you’ve been adventuring in all week. A travel laundry bag is an easy way to separate the clean from dirty and still stay organized while you’re on the go.

No Noise

Noise-canceling headphones are a must when you travel by bus, shuttle or plane. If you’ll be sharing a space with other travelers, give your ears a rest when your fellow travelers get chatty. Noise canceling headphones make it so you can rest easier and arrive a little more rejuvenated. Many noise-canceling headphones come with Bluetooth capability so you can still listen to music if you’re on a flight.

Bottle It Up

If you’ll be transporting liquid this holiday season, invest in a good set of leak-proof travel bottles. Though it may be tempting to run to a local dollar store and buy cheap travel bottles, you run the risk of losing your liquid and ruining your luggage when your shampoo spills. Leak-proof bottles are a good investment because you’ll use them over and over again.

Travel accessories from headphones to travel backpacks make great gifts for anyone on your Christmas list. As you hit the road, consider gifting your favorite travel accessory to your favorite fellow traveler.