Tips for Long Distance Driving Alone

girl leaning out a window while on a road trip

Any long distance trip can be a challenge for drivers, but doing it solo is an entirely different story. Not only can the hours of isolation get to you, but car accident attorneys warn there’s a present danger when you can’t rely on someone else to take the wheel when you get tired. Here are a few tips for helping you make the trek alone.

Know Your Limits

It helps to create a set number of hours that you will be on the road. Everyone’s body has its limits, so don’t set an unrealistic expectation for yourself. Give yourself time to take breaks, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air. 

Make a Playlist

This one is simple, but it’s helpful for those long hours alone. If you have enough music to enjoy for the duration of the journey, you’re less likely to get cabin fever as the hours drag on. Don’t rely on the radio, either. Make a playlist, explore some podcasts, and enjoy your time alone. 

Speaking of electronics, it’s a good idea to bring an extra phone charger with you. The last thing you want happening is your phone going dead if you get lost. With your phone fully charged when you need it, that’s one less distraction. 

Stop at Truck Stops and Stretch Out Your Breaks

There are going to be plenty of rest areas along the way, but these places aren’t ideal for long hauls. Instead, pull in at a truck stop. You’ll find fresh water, snacks, and coffee. Plus, you might even strike up a conversation with a traveling stranger. 

Take your time at each stop and stretch out your breaks. Your back, knees, and hips will thank you. Keeping that pain and stiffness at bay will also help you focus when you get back on the road, avoiding potential hazards. 

Gas Stations Are Your Friend

It helps to pack snacks and food for the trip, but you’ll inevitably eat it with nothing to do but sit and drive. Make gas stations another frequent stop. This way, you can fuel up your car and grab a bite to eat while you’re at it. 

Don’t Drink

This one might go without saying, but don’t touch a drop of alcohol until you reach your destination. A DUI defense attorney warns that even if you’re staying in a motel for the night, you don’t need a hangover impairing your ability to drive the next day. You can drink responsibly, of course, but it’s more responsible to wait until you get to where you’re going. 

Inspect Your vehicle Before You Leave

This trek is going to be hard enough without adding car troubles into the mix. Have your car inspected before you hit the road or check it yourself if you know how. Make sure your oil is fresh, that your tires have enough tread, and that the components of your engine are in working order. It helps to double-check the basics before you head out each day.