Top 5 Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visa Right Now

Travelling while working might have seemed like a distant dream for many, but it has now been made a reality through the Digital Nomad Visa. 

Now is about the best time to be freelancers and remote working professionals. Online travel websites make it easy to book cheap flights anytime, anywhere. Combine that with flexible Digital Nomad visa options, the world is now truly an oyster.

Let’s take a look at the best countries offering Digital Nomad Visa right now.

United Arab Emirates

With its towering skyscrapers, endless entertainment and quality lifestyle, the glitz and glamour of Dubai are unmatched.

Dubai’s Remote Work Visa allows freelancers, entrepreneurs and more to work remotely in Dubai for a year as part of its virtual working program. To apply for the programme, you will need the following:

  • A passport that is valid for at least another 6 months
  • Health insurance 
  • Proof of employment/ company ownership 
  • Salary slip and bank statement for three months prior to applying for the visa 
  • Monthly salary oF at least USD 5,000 per month 

The visa fee is USD 287. 


Working in a popular tourist destination such as Mauritius will truly feel like a vacation by itself, surrounded by pristine beaches, rainforests, mountain ranges and lagoons. The Mauritius Distant Nomad Visa, also called Premium Visa, lets you work and stay in the country, and what’s better is that the visa is free for all. 

Interested applicants must:

  • Have travel and health insurance 
  • Provide proof of long stay
  • Not enter the Mauritius labour market
  • Have a main business and source of income outside Mauritius
  • Complete basic immigration requirements 
  • Submit evidence for reason of entry 


Regardless of your nationality, the North American country Mexico is open to all. The Temporary Residence Visa program is for foreigners and families willing to settle in Mexico. The visa is valid for up to a year but can be renewed annually for 3 more years. 

To get the Temporary Residence Visa, all you need to do is:

  • Valid passport (original and photocopy )
  • Proof of income
  • One passport-size photo
  • Proof of net worth
  • Bank statement


With stunning palaces and castles that stand tall against the test of time, with dreamy moors and forests, Estonia truly is the land of fairy tales. Being one of the least populated European countries, Estonia is open to interested remote workers entering the country. 

The Estonia Digital Nomad Visa allows foreigners to stay in the country for a year. The pre-requisites include:

  • Applicant must work remotely
  • Submit employment contract with a company registered not 
  • Your minimum salary threshold must be EUR 3504 (with tax) 


The work-life balance of the Bahamas drives several people every year to settle on this Caribbean island, made from an archipelago of over 700 islands, stunning beaches, year-long tropical weather and more. The Bahamas have launched a remote work and study permit called BEATS: Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay. 

The entire application process is straightforward and simple. All you need to do is apply for the permit online and make sure that you have the following documents ready:

  • Valid passport 
  • Health insurance 
  • Proof of employment (for remote work)
  • Student ID (for remote study)