Top 5 Factors of Healthcare that Determines Patient Satisfaction in the Health Industry

Patient satisfaction is a measure to determine the quality of healthcare. It is a way to determine the patient perspective, aim, and intention as well as the success of meeting patients’ expectations. But what makes patient satisfied when it comes to healthcare services? Do not be fret, today telehealth will give you some information regarding the top 5 factors of healthcare that determines patient satisfaction in the health industry.

1. Waiting times

One factor that could determine a patient’s satisfactory and rates is waiting times. This might be a simple problem but in reality, it is not as simple as that. Making your patients wait for longer than less of 20 minutes might result in your patients to cancel their appointment. Most of the cases even affect the perspective of your patients regarding the doctor’s/the hospital’s time organizing skill. Younger patients tend to value time while older patients are more sensitive since it’s a matter of their current health between life and death. Waiting time might also disturb the quality time of consultation you will get and ruin patient’s health care experience.

2.  Personalizing

You can’t treat every patient the same way. Some of the patients want to be treated as a different individual. There are so many cases when doctors or healthcare staffs seem so emotionally numb by avoiding eye contact, refusing handshake and even skipping to greet their patients. This could cause anxiety as well as an uncomfortable situation that make patients do not want to make an appointment at all. It might be a small gesture, but it could affect the patient’s perspective of you.

3.  Environmental Hygiene

Environmental hygiene is important when it comes to health care. Because of the way your hospital or clinic look could determine the perspective of your patients. Imagine if your facility is dirty and unorganized, your patient would think that the staffs, as well as the doctor, are not unorganized at all and if they can’t handle their environment, how can they handle the care of their patients?

4. Communication

Good communication between the staff, doctor, and patient is a good way to satisfy your patients’ expectation. Having a physician or doctor who tells you what is happening with their eyes are better than a person who glued their eyes on the computer screen. Not only that, a good communication with the addition of a happy personality could  make your patient open up more to you and it will make it easier for you to prescribe their medicine and to know their current condition.

5. Transparency of cost/ healthcare expenses

We all know that not all treatments are cheap, but there are some cases when you get an expensive bill to pay for a simple prescribing or consultation that is different with what the patients and the doctor discuss before. This condition could lead to a decreasing number of patients as well as lack of credibility. That’s why being open about the cost is important to get your patient’s trust.

That is all about the top 5 factors of healthcare that determines patient satisfaction in the health industry. If you want to experience an amazing healthcare system that is efficient, cuts travel time and transportation expenses, lower cost setting and very convenient to be accessed every time and everywhere, you could check telehealth, for better health of your future.