Travel & NFTs: Click Clone Cash On How NFTs Can Support A Location-Independent Lifestyle

Travel & NFTs: Click Clone Cash On How NFTs Can Support A Location-Independent Lifestyle

The 2020s have seen a rise in the number of digital nomads living their lives free of an office, a boss, and any traditional constraint on life. These nomads come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common; their income can be earned from anywhere in the world via a computer and an internet connection.

Many of them will do art or web design, some will do coding, the options are limitless. Click Clone Cash talked to us about how new emerging technology (NFTs) could be the secret for even more people to break into a location-independent lifestyle.

Click Clone Cash is a team of NFT experts who specialize in NFT news, developments and creating custom NFT projects. 

NFT Art 

Many digital nomads and remote freelancers are already using digital art to pay the bills. There are many ways to use art as a source of income already including commission-based work, or gaining a following, and utilizing ads and sponsors.

Non-fungible tokens add a whole new layer to digital art. Click Clone Cash explains that thanks to NFTs, art can now be tokenized on a blockchain, which increases its value exponentially.

This gives buyers more confidence in their purchase, as well as opens up your artwork to a whole new customer base of NFT collectors and Crypto investors. 


If you are not the artistic type, then perhaps NFT trading is for you. This can all be done from a laptop or phone making it a great option for digital nomads.

You can think of NFT investing and trading the same way that you may think of investing in and trading stocks. It is important to do a lot of research on the NFT market, keep up with news, and pay attention to what other investors are doing.

Without this knowledge, you may as well be gambling, which is fine but not if you want to make a living from your NFT collection.

NFT Creation

Creating NFTs take a lot of calculations, and it is a huge process. Click Clone Cash pointed out to us that there is a whole business that can be created from just creating NFTs for others.

Some people just want to create art or assets. Businesses, for example, may want to tokenize some of their products. If you learn how to mint things onto the blockchain, then you can easily earn a very good living doing this for businesses and individuals from the comfort of your home or living space. 

Software Development

NFTs are an emerging technology, meaning not a lot of people understand them. That’s why programmers that know how to create NFTs and incorporate them into software and other tech are in very high demand.

If you learn how to develop NFTs and code these things, getting a remote job will be extremely easy. Not only that, your skills will be so in-demand that you will have extreme negotiation power and be able to secure your dream job from anywhere in the world.


It is practically the wild west out there when it comes to NFTs. This plays off of the same principles as Software Development.

Companies want to know how to use this technology and if it would fit into their business model and they are more than willing to hire people that can help them figure these things out. Consultation can be done from anywhere, making it the perfect job for location-independent NFT experts.