Western U.S. Travel Destinations For The Whole Family

Planning a vacation for the whole family requires a different set of stipulations for what is best suited.  Your destination should have something for everyone, so you don’t spend the whole time in an unintended game of family tug-of-war. 

Planning is the best defense against chaos on a family adventure, and the U.S. West has plenty to explore.  Take some time to read through a brief look into some of the best of the West, and start planning your next family vacation today.  

Check out Salt Lake City, Utah

If you really want to see the best of the state of Utah, you’ll book a journey for you and the family that includes all the state’s national parks.  The real beauty of Utah is in the landscapes, and there are many different things to see.  

Head into the heart of Salt Lake City, and delve into the unique culture of the area.  Just be careful not to stare too long. You don’t want to get into a car accident in Salt Lake and effectively cheat yourself of an enlightening experience.  

Olympic National Park, Washington

Head North on the Pacific Coast Highway (or Highway 1), and visit Washington’s Olympic National Park.  Check out Rialto Beach, in particular, to feast your eyes on a photographer’s paradise.  

Rialto Beach is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful beaches.  Littered with kelp and struck by the waves of a mighty ocean, Rialto holds the true spirit of the region.  

Visit Lake Tahoe, California

Climb the Sierra Nevada’s to allow your journey to “peak” with the respite of Lake Tahoe.  If you choose to visit during the winter, you’ll have plenty of slopes to explore.  

In the summer, Lake Tahoe is a great place to indulge your inner child on the water.  The lake sits at an elevation of just over 6,000 feet, so you’ll have a different sort of experience on these waters.  

Take a few days for Disneyland 

There’s no way you could go wrong by planning a family trip to Disneyland.  You’ll find plenty to do in this theme park, and you won’t go home disappointed.  Allow your kids to check out of reality for a while and exist in a fairytale world full of fun and smiles.  

Gaze at the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Carved out by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is as big as its name.  The massive gorge stretches for more than 270 miles, and only the most experienced hikers ever brave the trek.  The family will be sufficed to see such a “grand” sight, and you won’t break the bank on this road trip pitstop.