What To Bring On A Maui Bike Tour

If you’re planning a trip to Maui, one thing you should be sure to include when you spend any time on the beautiful island is a bike tour in Haleakala National Park. The experience will thrill you, with dazzling views from the top of the summit, particularly at sunrise. At any time of day, there are many different, spectacular sights to see, on a downward trek that’s light on exertion and big on views. You’ll see small, charming communities, vast pineapple fields, the beautiful Haleakala Ranch, and of course the brilliant azure of the Pacific Ocean. 

And, if you did get up to see that sunrise, there’s nothing to compare with seeing the morning light rise above the summit. 

But you will want to bring the proper gear on your Maui bike tour. Here are some essentials and some suggested items, too. 

Must-Have Gear

It’s pretty simple, really. The only true must-haves are closed-toed shoes and bike helmets. The helmets are provided.

Additionally, you might feel it’s also an essential option to include hand-protective gloves and a windbreaker. 

Additional Gear

You may also want to bring some of these optional additional ideas for gear on a Maui bike tour as well.

Our most important recommendation is to dress in layers. Why? Because it is much cooler at the top of the Haleakala than it is as you make your descent. By the time you reach the sea, you’ll want no more than a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. But, at the top, you’ll likely be most comfortable if you have a pair of long pants, a sweatshirt, or a jacket to keep you feeling warm, particularly if you’re planning on a sunrise bike excursion.

Afterall, watching that Haleakala Sunrise or sunset can get a bit chilly. The summit rises a magnificent 10,000 feet above sea level. It can also be windy at the top, and you won’t truly enjoy the wonderful experience of sunrise if your teeth are chattering! On average, sunrise temps are often around 40 degrees. 

One more note in terms of weather: being at the top of the volcano crater can be somewhat unpredictable. A little rain might roll in, for example, so a hat or scarf might be helpful, too. However, because of the wind on top, do be sure your hat won’t be blown away in a sudden gust.

A last note: you might also want to include a backpack or small carry-all to hold the clothing you remove on the ride down.

Beyond Clothing – What to Bring

We also recommend that you keep hydrated and refuel those electrolytes! The summit’s high altitude makes it important to drink lots of fluids for this reason. A small but healthy carbohydrate-rich snack can help you avoid even the possibility of any altitude sickness. Bring something easy to pack, such as trail mix or a protein or breakfast bar. And of course, include an ample water bottle to quench your thirst, as well.

Enjoying a Maui Bike Tour

As you can tell, the gear you should bring on your Maui bike tour is fairly basic, and it’s easy to enjoy the amazing view, at sunrise or any time of day. Just be sure to include some warm, easy-to-layer clothes, plenty of water, and a healthy snack, and then you’re all set for an astonishing experience. 
And if you want the most current information on what to bring on a tour, what you’ll see, and to answer any questions or book a Maui bike tour, just call Mountain Riders at (800) 706-7700.