Where To Travel in 2021: Nimrod Santo Shares His Top 5 Places To Visit After The Pandemic

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Did the pandemic ruin your 2020 travel plans? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have opted out of their vacations due to inaccessibility to their international locations, discomfort getting on a plane, or lack of financial security. 

While 2020 has certainly caused the world a great deal of difficulty, it has given us plenty of time to be grateful for what we have and take the time to plan exactly what we want to do when the world turns back to normal.

As a leader in the digital marketing realm, Nimrod Santo has spent much of his life traveling the world. As a marketing professional, he knows that connecting with people across the world via the internet is important but that there’s no replacement to doing so in person. 

Are you wondering where to travel in 2021? Nimrod Santo is sharing his top 5 places to visit after the pandemic.

Dublin, Ireland

While you might associate Dublin with crowded pubs and high-traffic streets, it’s actually surrounded by some of the best that nature has to offer. From the coast to the hillsides, Dublin is a secret paradise for those seeking an opportunity to get out and into nature. 

With their rolling hills and climbable cliffs, Dublin and its surrounding areas are sure to not disappoint. Don’t worry – with the pandemic, you can still soak in Dublin’s traditional music through outdoor performances and tours.

Vancouver, Canada

Just north of Washington, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is a great place for someone looking to get away but aren’t sold on one element. Whether you’re interested in the city, the sea, or the mountains, Vancouver has something for everyone all within an attainable distance to many in the United States.

Bergen, Norway

If you’re up for a chilly adventure, Bergen, Norway, home of picturesque fjords and known for their hospitality, is right for you. Are you looking to immerse yourself in nature? 

Bergen and its surrounding areas offer a variety of nature tours and experiences for animal and environment lovers like. If you’re ready to hunker down in a parka and put your traveling boots on, there are few better places to get a once in a lifetime experience like Norway.

Seattle, Washington

If Vancouver piqued your interest but you’re more comfortable staying in the United States, Seattle, Washington is a great first start. With their famous rain and world-class coffee, Seattle is a great choice for anyone continuing to embrace the cozy culture of quarantine.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re looking for a wild adventure in the warm sun and salty seas, Cape Town, South Africa is right for you. If you’re coming out of quarantine interested in living life on the edge and hoping to check off a few items on your bucket list, where better to start than by cage diving with great white sharks in the heart of South Africa’s coast?