Why Remote Employees Love Online Courses From The Site Helpers

Online courses from The Site Helpers

Upskilling is one of the best ways to keep remote employees motivated. There are so many pros to upskilling and not many cons. Your employees will feel like you’re investing in them, which you are, and they will gain confidence in their skills and future. 

However, finding the right upskilling service can be a bit of a challenge. How do you know whether the classes will be useful? 

Whether they’ll teach your employees something they’d like to know, and in a way that they’d like to learn? Our recommendation is to take classes with a company you trust, with a high reputation—a company like The Site Helpers. 

The Site Helpers have been upskilling teams and working with companies for years and have nothing but shining reviews no matter where you look. In this article, we will go over a few of the reasons why The Site Helpers stands out from the crowd and why your employees will love their courses. 

They Offer the Basics

Many upskilling companies will assume employees know a lot of things and will jump right into very technical detail. This can trick employers into believing that they are getting a good deal and teaching their employees many things. 

In reality, these classes are very frustrating for the employees and do more harm than good. If someone with no experience gets lumped into a class teaching advanced concepts, that person will feel overwhelmed and be put off completely from the technology they are supposed to be learning. 

The Site Helpers has multiple introductory classes to take, which cover concepts from the beginning before transitioning into more advanced and technical courses. 


Modern Tools

A lot of places offer courses in web development that are so outdated that they’re practically useless in the 2020s. They do not go over modern practices and tools. 

This is bad because if your team is still using outdated development processes and tools, your sites and systems will look outdated and function poorly. The Site Helpers focuses on modern web design. 

They ensure your team still learns the fundamentals, but they also go over modern techniques that make life much easier. 

WordPress Pros

The Site Helpers’ best classes are those related to WordPress. WordPress is the most utilized tool when it comes to web development. 

The majority of websites on the internet were built in WordPress, which means if you’re training web developers or want your team to be able to do anything near that realm, you want them to learn WordPress. 

There is no better place to learn WordPress than through the Site Helpers WordPress classes. 

Advanced Learning

The Site Helpers also goes far and beyond just the basics. They have classes covering advanced concepts like PHP and Object-Oriented Programming in WordPress. 

Object-Oriented Programming is the most used form of programming in the 2020s, and learning PHP will blow the door open for possibilities for your employees. After these classes, they will be able to accomplish anything you want them to. 

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Instill Limitless Potential

The best part about The Site Helpers classes, in our opinion, is that they teach your employees things that will help them learn anything else you throw at them. They teach Web design, WordPress, PHP, and Object-Oriented Programming in a way that will make learning future technology much easier. 

So once your employees have completed these classes, they will be much more prepared for future classes than they would have been otherwise. 

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